Bath and Shower aids are great additions to the bathrooms of the elderly, disabled and mobility restricted. They can quickly and easily increase the safety of the bathroom, and assist these groups in maintaining their independence when carrying out bathroom-related activities, whether it be bathing, showering, or otherwise.

evekare offers a range of bath aids that can be used throughout different areas of the bathroom, each offering different functions and features that will assist the user in carrying out their daily routine. 

Different bath aids and shower aids in the evekare range:

  • Bath boards: Bath boards are a style of bath aid that lay flat across the sides of a bathtub, allowing the user to sit on the aid whilst they bathe. There is a range of styles of bath boards offered by evekare, including an adjustable bath step that can be used as both a step and a bath board for seating while bathing.
  • Bath Seating: evekare offers a range of bath seating that allows the user to bathe without the strain of having to lower themselves all the way into the tub, and reduces the incidents of slipping or falling, both of which can cause serious damage. Our range includes a freestanding bath chair, a rotating stool, transfer benches, stylish seating options, folding designs, and seating with added back support to suit the needs of every individual user.
  • Bath Steps: Bath steps are another kind of bath aid that allows the user to bathe independently and without fear of injury. Our range includes a non-slip bath step, which allows users to confidently step into the bath without fear of slipping or falling, as well as steps that make it easier for the user the step into the bathtub.
  • Bath transfer benches and seats: Getting in and out of the bath can be extremely difficult for vulnerable users such as the elderly and disabled, so evekare offers a range of bath transfer benches. This kind of bath aid allows users to be fully supported while they get into and out of the bathtub by allowing them to be seated throughout this entire process.
  • Shower Seating: evekare has a number of different options available when it comes to shower seating. These include a number of different shower chairs and shower stools. You can find fixed-height or height-adjustable options, free-standing or wall-mounted seating and much more to suit a user’s disability needs.    
  • Bath and Shower Grab Bars: ADA compliant grab bars that are specifically built for the bathing and showering area and come with dual-functionality. These include the corner grab bar that comes attached with a shelf to store toiletries.

More about evekare’s bath aid and shower aid range:

  • Range of styles and designs: The kind of bath aid that an individual may need is heavily dependent on their unique needs, and what issues arise when they are trying to navigate their daily bathroom routine. evekare’s range has a wide variety of aids to ensure that each user can find the right support.
  • Safe and secure: Each of our bath aids is fitted with non-slip legs, and there are many options that include an added layer of support, such as handrails and textured seating surfaces to avoid slips. Users can rest assured that their experience with these bath aids will increase the safety of carrying out bathroom activities independently.
  • Added functionality: Many products in the evekare bath aid range have added functionality to increase the usability of each product, beyond the user’s direct needs. Our range includes dual-function bath steps, rotating bath stools, grab bars, stylish and different shaped designs to ensure that each user’s needs are met.
  • Customizable to suit individual needs: Many of the evekare bath aid range products are customizable to suit the specific height needs of the user. Bath seats and steps can generally be adjusted to fit the height of the surface, and the user perfectly to ensure that the perfect fit is achieved. 

When to consider purchasing bath and shower aids:

  • When an individual cannot stand for prolonged periods of time
  • When an individual needs assistance maneuvering around the bathroom
  • When an individual cannot safely move in and out of the bathtub
  • When an individual has recently undergone knee, leg or otherwise strenuous surgery
  • When an individual has sustained an injury to their knees, legs or otherwise worrisome area of the body.

What to consider before purchasing a bath or a shower aid:

  • User’s needs: There are so many different kinds of bath and shower aids on offer, our range has many different functionalities – so it is essential to assess the needs of the individual before purchasing a bath aid or a shower aid. Someone who is mobility-restricted may not have the same needs as an elderly individual, and two elderly people may not even require the same type of assistance. The important thing is to find an aid that will allow the user to become more independent throughout their bathing routine.
  • Style: As the range of bath aid products is so large at evekare, we offer many different finishes, styles, and looks for bath aids. The style of aid is especially important to consider when the bathroom that will have the aid installed is being used by people that don’t necessarily require support in the bathroom. There are many options that will allow the aid to seamlessly blend into the existing environment.
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