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Deluxe Bath Seat

Suspended bathing chair

Bath Board

Allows safe transfer into and out of the bathtub

Bath Seat

Dual function suspended bath seat or bath step


Bath boards are a safety aid that can be used to assist individuals with reduced mobility, elderly and the disabled to get in and out of a bath and as a seating option whilst washing.

Bath boards can be securely placed over the bathtub with or without suction cups that are adjustable therefore making them suitable for most baths.

A bath board also features a handle to provide the user with more support while transferring in and out of the bath. This is especially useful if the user does not feel confident on their legs.

evakare’s range of bath boards include:

  • An adjustable polypropylene and PVC bath board with a non-slip surface that comes complete with grab handles and soap holder.
  • A suspended bath seat with non-slip surface built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame that can be transformed into a bath step as well.
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