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Deluxe Bathroom Chair with Back Support

Height adjustable bathing chair

Deluxe Bathroom Stool

Height adjustable bathing chair

Deluxe Flat Tube Bathroom Stool

Non-slip feet providing extra stability

Deluxe Rotating Bath Stool

Height adjustable bathing chair

Deluxe Bath Seat

Suspended bathing chair

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair

Bath Stool

Rotating height adjustable seat

Shower Chair with Cutout

Height adjustable bathing chair

Bath Seat

Dual function suspended bath seat or bath step

Folding Shower Chair

Height adjustable bathing chair

Bath Chair

Grade 304 stainless steel frame with backrest

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair


Bath seating for the elderly includes bath chairs, bath stools, bath (tub) transfer bench and bath boards. These daily living aids or disability aids are designed to ensure that a senior, disabled or mobility impaired user can safely utilise their bathtub without the need of a third-person such as a carer or a family member being by their side. This helps them to feel more confident and is a boost to their self-esteem.

More about evekare’s bath chairs and bath stools:

  • Range of styles: You can choose from free-standing or suspended bath chairs and bath stools. Bath steps with dual function that can be used as bath seating and more.  
  • Ability to adjust height: Some of the bath stools and bath chairs in our range can easily be height adjusted to suit an individual user’s needs.
  • Safe and Secure: Our bath chairs and stools come fitted with suction cups on the feet to reduce the risk of slips and also feature non-slip textured seats..
  • Added Functionality: Some of the bath chairs and stools that evekare manufactures come complete with handles for better grip and shower head holders.

When do you consider purchasing a shower stool or a shower chair?

  • When a person is wheelchair-bound or does not feel comfortable to stand on their feet for elongated periods of time.
  • When a user had undergone a medical episode or a surgery.
  • Experiences other conditions such as dizziness, knee problems, leg problems etc. 

What you need to look for when buying a shower seating?

  • The dimensions of the bathtub:  Before purchasing a bathtub chair or stool please ensure that you have taken the dimensions of your bathtub’s inner surface area.
  • Width of the exposed sidewall: If you are considering to buy a bath seating that is suspended using the sidewalls of the tub then make sure that you have the measurement of the width of the exposed wall. The side walls need to be thick enough to securely place the seating over the tub and also if the seating is secured with a clamp, you will need to ensure that the clamp can easily be placed over the width of the wall.  
  • Height of the side walls: For models with clamps, it is important to ascertain the height of the sidewalls as clamps are not universal and need the walls to be of a specific height in order to use clamps securely.
  • Dimensions of the bathtub’s inner surface: If you are buying a freestanding bath chair or stool then ensure that your bathtub can accommodate the chair easily.
  • Material used for constructing the chair: Usually built using metal legs and polypropylene, the construction material of the chair will determine its weight-bearing capacity. Therefore it is important that you determine the weight of a person prior to narrowing down on the bath seat.
  • Foldable or not: Models of bath seating with 2 legs can be folded away easily, this allows for better circulation space within the bathroom especially if multiple users are utilising the bathing area.
  • Height of the bathtub chair or stool: Most freestanding models come with legs that can be height adjusted to accommodate a user’s needs. Keep in mind that shower chairs that are suspended are of a fixed height only and cannot be adjusted.
  • Other considerations: Cut out seat or not to wash genitals whilst in a seated position, padded seating, color and dimensions of the seating surface and warranty are some of the other considerations that need to be addressed.
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