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Deluxe Bathroom Chair with Back Support

Height adjustable bathing chair

Deluxe Bathroom Stool

Height adjustable bathing chair

Deluxe Flat Tube Bathroom Stool

Non-slip feet providing extra stability

Deluxe Rotating Bath Stool

Height adjustable bathing chair

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair

Bath Stool

Rotating height adjustable seat

Shower Seat

Wall-mounted folding seat

Shower Chair with Cutout

Height adjustable bathing chair

Folding Shower Chair

Height adjustable bathing chair

Shower Seat

Wall-mounted folding seat

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair


Shower seating including shower chairs and shower stools are an essential independent living aid or daily living aid when it comes to seniors, mobility-impaired or disabled users.

The highest number of falls are reported within the bathroom where the surfaces are wet, therefore shower seating plays an important role in promoting the safety, independence and most importantly, the self-esteem of a user.

More about evekare’s shower seating range:

  • A number of different models: Multiple types of seating to choose from including freestanding shower stools,  shower chairs and wall mounted shower seats.
  • Height Adjustable: Some of our shower stools and chairs can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs.
  • Foldable: Our range also comprises of foldable shower stools that can be folded away when not in use to allow for better circulation within the showering area.
  • Secure Feet: Most of the models in our range of shower seating including shower stools and chairs come with rubber pads or cups that help in achieving a better grip.
  • Non-slip Seating and Handles: This allows for the user to have better control of their body while using the chair.

When do you consider purchasing a shower stool or a shower chair?

Shower seating including shower stools and shower chairs are recommended:

  • When a person does not feel stable or confident on their feet.
  • To an elderly person who cannot stand for long periods of time.
  • If a person experiences dizziness or shortness of breath.
  • If a person has recently had a medical episode such as a stroke or undergone a surgery.

What you need to look for when buying shower seating?

  • The Dimensions: Before you decide to go out and purchase the shower seat make sure you have taken the measurements of the shower cubicle from end to end including the width of the door.
  • The Height and Weight of the User: Shower seats come with a different weight-bearing capacity so it is best that you ascertain the weight of the user prior to choosing a shower seat. Similarly, the height of the user should be determined as well, there are both fixed-height and adjustable-height options available in the market.   
  • Anti-slip Seat Surface and Feet: For better safety of the user go for anti-slip surface and feet.
  • Compliance: Make sure that the shower chair or shower stool that you purchase is (Americans with Disability Act) ADA compliant.
  • The Surface (If Wall Mounted): If you are looking for a wall-mounted shower seat, make sure that you measure the wall and ascertain the material that has been used to construct the wall. Gyprock with studs or concrete walls are your best options in order to ensure that the seat can take the weight of the person.
  • Availability of Drainage Holes: This allows for water to flow through easily rather than getting collected on the seat.
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