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Tub & Shower Transfer Bench Adjustable

Height adjustable bathing transfer bench


A tub transfer bench or shower transfer bench is a safety aid that can maximize the independence of the elderly, disabled and mobility restricted when bathing. These aids allow the user to maneuver the bathroom with maintained safety and comfort, despite challenges that may arise for users with handicaps. 

A tub transfer bench is a long seat style aid, with two legs inside of the bathtub, and two legs outside of it. This design allows users to be supported throughout the process of getting in and out of the bath, avoiding slips and accidents that could cause serious injury. This aid is particularly useful for mobility restricted users who may not be able to stand for prolonged periods or be able to lower themselves down into the tub independently.

More about evekare’s tub transfer bench and shower transfer bench:

  • Height Adjustable: Our tub transfer bench is completely adjustable, making it customizable to suit the user’s specific needs. Height is an important factor in ensuring the safety and comfort of the aid is maintained throughout the bathing experience, making this design highly functional.
  • Safe and Secure: Our tub and shower transfer bench is equipped with non-slip feet to ensure the safety of the user is maintained at all times. It also features a textured seating surface to prevent the user from slipping.
  • Reversible: Our product can be used in most bathrooms as it is reversible. This ensures that the tub transfer bench can fit any bathtub regardless of the orientation, and be used safely by all users.
  • Added Security: Safety is important to us, so our tub transfer benches have the added feature of a safety rail and back support. This is to make certain every user can be fully supported and maintain their independence. 

When should you consider purchasing a tub transfer bench?

  • When an individual is not stable enough to shift all of their weight from one foot to the other.
  • When an individual has undergone leg, knee or foot surgery, or has sustained a significant injury to one of these areas.
  • When an individual does not have the strength to lower themselves down into the tub and push themselves up safely.
  • When an individual could suffer serious injury if they were to slip.
  • When an individual is prone to seizures or dizziness.

What do you need to consider when purchasing a tub transfer bench?

  • The Height & Weight of the User: It is important to ensure that the tub transfer bench purchased can support the weight of the intended user. This is essential to ensure that the safety of the aid is maintained throughout use. The height of a user should be taken into consideration when purchasing too, as the user must be able to comfortably lower and lift themselves using the device. evekare’s tub transfer bench is equipped with height adjustability to help ensure the perfect fit can be achieved for each user.
  • Surfaces of the Bench: To ensure safety, a bench must have non-slip surfaces. evekare’s tub transfer benches are made of a textured material to ensure the user will not slip off of the seating, and it also is equipped with non-slip feet on all four legs to stabilize the aid.
  • Size of the Bench: Each bathroom and tub is unique, so to ensure that the aid will fit the user’s space, it’s a good idea to measure the space against the aid. It must be able to sit flat to maintain the integrity of the aid. 
  • Padded V/s Non-Padded Seating: There are two options available when it comes to the type of seating, padded and non-padded. Padded bath transfer benches allow for better comfort especially for disabled and elderly users who are prone to pressure sores.
  • Height Adjustability: Some bath transfer benches come with the option to adjust the height as well.
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