Toilet aids can be an essential part of the elderly, disabled, and mobility restricted individuals maintaining independence in the bathroom. They allow users to maintain their personal safety, comfort, independence, and hygiene, boosting self-esteem. Every user’s needs are different and unique, and there is a range of different styles and designs of toilet aids to ensure that these needs are met. 

evekare offers an extensive range of toilet aids that can be used in various ways throughout a user’s bathroom routine. 

Different types of toilet aids:

  • Accessible toilets: evekare offers a range of accessible toilets that can vastly improve the bathroom experience for the elderly, disabled and mobility restricted. Our range includes link toilet suites, back to wall toilet bowls, back to wall toilet suites and toilet backrests. Each toilet is fitted out with a high contrast blue colored seat to ensure high visibility is maintained for users who may be visually impaired.
  • Bidet toilet seats: Bidet toilet seats are an excellent option for users who may need extra support in carrying out daily hygiene tasks in the bathroom. Our range includes a smart bidet toilet seat with remote control capabilities and four cleaning functions. The bidet nozzle is also self-cleaning, eliminating the need for the user to maintain the technology manually.
  • Handheld bidet sprayers: Handheld bidet toilet sprayers allow users to complete daily hygiene tasks independently with ease. evekare’s range includes a PVC 47-inch hose option and a chrome-plated brass 24-inch hose option.
  • Over toilet frames and surrounds: evekare’s range of over toilet frames and surrounds includes a freestanding toilet safety rail with magazine rack for added functionality, and a toilet surround safety rail with padded armrests to ensure the comfort of the user is maintained at all times throughout use.
  • Raised toilet seats: Raised toilet seats allow mobility restricted, and those with weak or injured knees to safely and comfortably use the toilet independently. Our range includes a variety of heightened toilet seats in different materials to ensure that each unique need can be met.

More about evekare’s toilet aid range: 

  • Safe & Secure: evekare’s toilet aid range has been designed to keep each individual user safe and secure when using the bathroom. Our range allows mobility restricted, elderly, and disabled users to maintain their independence and boost their self-esteem. With a vast range of options to choose from, each unique need can be met.
  • Meeting your unique needs: Our vast range allows each unique bathroom need to be met. evekare understands that no two users are the same, and the toilet aids that we offer reflect this. Whether a user is concerned with hygiene, preventing injury, maintaining independence, or making a bathroom more accessible, our range will have a product that will work.
  • Comfort: evekare’s range of toilet aids are made with comfort in mind. Our aids are often fitted with comfortable padding on armrests, texture options for seating, and settings to suit each user and what makes them comfortable.
  • Hygienic: Our toilet aids are an excellent way to ensure that vulnerable users can maintain an adequate level of hygiene independently. This ensures that users can feel safe and comfortable within their own bathroom space, and improve their own self-esteem.

When to consider purchasing a toilet aid:

  • When an individual has weak or injured knees, legs or otherwise worrisome area.
  • When an individual cannot adequately perform daily hygiene tasks independently.
  • When an individual cannot support themselves whilst in a seated position.
  • When an individual is visually impaired.
  • When an individual does not have a full range of motion.

What to consider before purchasing a toilet aid:

  • User’s needs: Before purchasing a toilet aid, it is important to discover the specific needs of the user. Each product in the evekare range serves a unique purpose, designed to fit a range of individual needs.
  • What is the right fit for them?: The right fit for one individual with a certain inhibitor may not be the right fit for another individual with the same inhibitor. It is important to research the different kinds of aids that are available and decide which is the best option for each user.
  • Style: Style can be an important consideration for some users. evekare’s toilet aid range offers a variety of styles and finishes to ensure that the products can seamlessly blend into the users existing bathroom environment.
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