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ADA Compliant, Handicap or accessible toilets are safety aids that ensure that the elderly, disabled and mobility restricted can continue to be independent in the bathroom. This independence is the key to self-esteem and happiness. With the help of an accessible toilet, users can rest assured that they will have a comfortable and safe experience when going to the bathroom. 

ADA Compliant, Accessible toilets come with a high visibility toilet seat, to ensure that visually impaired users and elderly users will be able to see the aid at all times. The flush buttons are raised, colored and have tactile dots on them to make it easier for the user to find this function, increasing the hygienic features of the aid.

evekare’s range of ADA compliant toilets:

  • Accessible link suite toilet: evekare’s accessible link suite toilet includes a contrast colored toilet seat and flush buttons to make visibility easier for those with impaired vision. The seat is positioned far out from the wall to ensure that users have adequate room to move from the seat to a standing position, or back to their wheelchair.
  • Accessible back to wall toilet bowl: Our accessible back to wall toilet bowl features an elongated bowl for side wheelchair access, and a contrast colored toilet seat for high visibility.
  • Accessible back to wall toilet suite: evekare’s accessible back to wall toilet suite features an elongated bowl, similar to the one featured on our back to the wall toilet bowl, and a raised height bowl to aid those with mobility restriction. Also included are contrast colored seat and flush buttons for the vision impaired.
  • Toilet backrest: Our toilet backrest is designed to be the perfect addition to any toilet suite for an extra level of support, safety, and comfort. 

More about evekare’s range:

  • A number of different models: Our handicap toilet product range has a number of different designs that will suit the needs of the individual users. We have entire suites, bowls, and simple additions to already existing bathroom suites.
  • Installation options: Regardless of the user’s current bathroom space, there is an accessible toilet aid to suit every environment.
  • High Visibility: All of our handicap toilet range products include high visibility, blue toilet seats, and flush buttons to ensure that safety is maintained throughout the bathroom routine.

When to consider purchasing an ADA compliant toilet:

  • When an individual is wheelchair-bound.
  • When an individual has restricted mobility and cannot lower themselves down to a regular toilet seat.
  • When an individual has impaired vision and would benefit from a high visibility toilet suite.

What to consider when purchasing an ADA compliant accessible toilet:

  • Installation: Our range of handicap toilet aids come with different installation methods. Some are universal with an S or P trap install, with floor fixing kit, others can only be installed using a particular method. It must be considered when purchasing what the right installation method is for the existing bathroom space.
  • Important features: It is essential to understand the specific needs of each individual user when deciding which handicap toilet aid to purchase. Some users may benefit largely from a raised toilet seat, while others may find the high contrast and visibility features more important.
  • Comfort: For an accessible toilet aid to maintain its safety, the user must find the product comfortable to use. This can be ensured by testing the aid and making sure the user can move between their standing position, or wheelchair, to the toilet seat with a certain level of ease. It is also essential to consider the kind of backrest area the user will need. If they require more support, a toilet aid may be used in conjunction with a toilet seat backrest.
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