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Bidet toilet seats are an excellent safety aid to ensure that vulnerable users can independently and hygienically maintain their bathroom routine. They allow for elderly, disabled, and mobility restricted users to go about their life independently, whilst ensuring that they are safe, and cleanly. 

evekare’s smart bidet toilet seat has been designed to aid vulnerable users in day to day bathroom activities. With the touch of a button, the toilet seat will clean the user, and then itself to ensure an adequate level of hygiene is maintained. 

evekare’s product:

  • Smart bidet toilet seat: evekare’s smart bidet toilet seat can be installed onto pre-existing toilet suites. The product includes a self-cleaning nozzle with four different cleaning settings to ensure that each user’s specific needs are met with safety and care. The seat itself comes with a soft close, with a modern design, as well as a heating function for comfort.

More about evekare’s bidet toilet seat:

  • Easy to use: evekare’s smart bidet toilet seat has been designed with remote control capabilities making it extremely easy to use. This feature is especially helpful for mobility restricted users who may not have the range of motion to carry out hygiene tasks effectively.
  • Hygiene features: Hygiene is extremely important to ensure that users can maintain their independence and self-esteem – with evekare’s smart bidet toilet seat, this has been made easy. The nozzle is self-cleaning and will ensure that the user is kept cleanly.
  • Installation: The seat can be installed on already existing toilet seats, and due to its design can be used by everyone in the household, not just the vulnerable individual.
  • Meeting needs: Our product meets the specific needs of most individuals with the four available settings on each seat. The settings include; posterior, feminine, swing and massage to ensure that each user’s unique needs are met.

When to purchase a bidet toilet seat:

  • When an individual is mobility restricted and does not have the range of motion to carry out hygiene tasks on the toilet.
  • When an individual cannot support themselves on the toilet and needs extra hygiene support.
  • When an individual is aiming to maintain their independence and cannot adequately carry out hygiene tasks on their own.

What to consider when purchasing a bidet toilet seat:

  • Design: The way that a bidet toilet seat looks can greatly impact how it will fit into the current bathroom environment of a user. evekare’s smart bidet toilet seat was designed with this in mind and has a sleek, white look to ensure that it fits into the most stylish of bathrooms.
  • Installation: It is essential to make sure that the bidet toilet seat will match the size of your current toilet bowl. This can be done simply by taking the measurements of each item. Once this is done, the evekare smart bidet toilet seat can be installed onto most existing toilet suites with ease.
  • Needs: Assessing the user’s needs is an important part of purchasing a bidet toilet seat. If the user is mobility restricted, a wireless remote control product like ours is an excellent investment to ensure safety and hygiene are always maintained. The self-cleaning nozzle is also a great way to ensure that the upkeep of your bidet toilet seat does not become an issue for users, especially those who are vulnerable and may not have the capacity to clean the aid.
  • Features: Ensuring that the bidet toilet seat has the right features to fit the unique needs of the user is very important. The evekare smart bidet toilet seat has four convenient settings for cleaning; posterior, feminine, swing and massage, allowing the user to be cleaned to an adequate level with ease.
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