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Bidet Spray Brass

With 47-inch hose

Bidet Spray PVC

With 47-inch hose


Bidet sprayers are an excellent way for vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, mobility restricted and disabled to maintain independence when carrying out bathroom related activities. Sprayers can help those with restricted mobility to maintain cleanliness and an adequate level of hygiene while remaining independent and heightening their self-esteem.

Handheld bidet sprayers come in a range of materials and can be attached to the wall in order for them to be used with ease. evekare’s range offers 47-inch hoses that allow for the user to access the sprayer easily, and safely.

Different types of handheld bidet sprayers:

  • Brass bidet spray: evekare’s brass handheld bidet sprayer is a chrome-plated, easy to clean design. The hose is 47-inches long and can be wall-mounted for easy access. This sleek design can easily blend into an existing bathroom environment.
  • PVC bidet spray: Our PVC handheld bidet sprayer is much the same as our brass model, it is just made entirely of PVC. This design may fit better with the users existing bathroom environment.

More about evekare’s bidet sprayer range:

  • Installation: evekare’s range of bidet sprayers are easily wall-mounted to most bathroom wall surfaces for easy installation.
  • Finishes: Our range includes two different finishes; PVC and chrome-plated brass. Each of these options are excellent, the one the user chooses can be decided by their already existing bathroom environment.
  • Safety: Our products are excellent for many users in helping them maintain their hygiene, independence, and safety. Bidet sprayers are excellent for the mobility restricted who may not be able to adequately clean themselves independently.
  • Hygiene considerations: Our range of bidet sprayers make it easy for users to maintain cleanliness with ease. The products are easy to use and make a large difference in the way the users can interact with their bathroom space independently.
  • Length: All of our bidet sprayer products are 47-inches in length, the perfect size for the average bathroom, making them easy to use in almost every existing environment.

When should you consider purchasing a bidet sprayer:

  • When an individual cannot reach around their body to adequately clean themselves after toilet use.
  • When an individual is mobility restricted.
  • When an individual has trouble ensuring their cleanliness is at an adequate level independently.
  • When an individual feels unstable cleaning themselves manually.

Things to consider when purchasing a bidet sprayer:

  • Hygiene needs: When purchasing a bidet sprayer it is important that the product can adequately meet the needs of the user. The user must be able to firmly grab the hose, and reach it to a comfortable position that is optimal for cleaning in order for the hygienic features of the product to be maintained.
  • Where to install: It is important to consider the bathroom environment that the user already has in order to install the bidet sprayer in the correct location. The hose must be able to comfortably reach the toilet bowl for adequate cleaning and must be installed securely to prevent it from falling out and causing accidents.
  • What finish will suit the environment: When deciding which bidet sprayer to purchase, the finish may need to be considered. evekare offers both a PVC option and a chrome-plated brass option in the sprayer range. The finish that is chosen should reflect the existing bathroom environment.
  • Is this product correct for the user: Handheld bidet sprayers are an excellent safety and hygiene addition to the bathroom, especially for vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, mobility restricted and disabled. However, a bidet sprayer can still be difficult to handle and maneuver for some individuals within these groups. Bidet toilet seats are an excellent alternative to these products and can provide an extra level of comfort, support, and hygiene to users. This, of course, is dependent on each individual user’s needs.
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