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Toilet Safety Rail

Freestanding steel toilet surround

Toilet Surround Safety Rail

Freestanding toilet surround

Toilet Safety Frame with Seat

Dual function stability frame and raised toilet seat


A toilet safety frame, toilet surround or toilet safety rail is a great way to ensure that safety is maintained for vulnerable individuals in the bathroom. Elderly, disabled, and mobility restricted individuals may need an extra level of support when using the bathroom in order to maintain independence and self-esteem. 

Toilet safety frames provide a way for users to safely lower themselves onto the toilet seat and safely push themselves back up independently. They provide 2 handrails for the user to grip and hold onto in order to support themselves. Some products include additional features, however, at their core, the aids are for safety.

Different types of toilet safety frames:

  • Toilet safety rail: Our toilet safety rail is made out of steel, making it extremely strong while still maintaining comfort. It includes a padded rail on each side so that the user has complete support, and a magazine rack increasing the rail’s functionality.
  • Toilet surround safety rail: The toilet surround safety rail has 2 padded armrests to ensure support and safety is maintained for the user throughout their bathroom routine.

More about evekare’s range:

  • Build material: evekare’s range of toilet safety frames includes both a steel frame option, and a lighter material option depending on the look and functionality the user wishes the aid to fulfill.
  • Suits most toilet bowls: Our toilet safety frames are designed to be able to fit most standard toilet bowls, making them easy to install.
  • Safety: Our toilet safety frames and rails can be installed by being attached to the ground, making them secure, stable and safe for the user.
  • Added functionality: evekare’s toilet safety rail has a magazine rack attached to the aid, adding to the functionality.
  • Comfort: All of our toilet safety frame products are made with padded armrests to ensure that the comfort of each user can be maintained throughout use.

When to consider purchasing a toilet safety frame, toilet surround, or toilet safety rail:

  • When an individual cannot safely lower themselves onto the toilet seat, or push themselves back up with ease.
  • When an individual experiences other conditions such as dizziness, knee problems, leg problems or otherwise.
  • When an individual needs extra support to hold themselves up whilst seated.

What to consider when purchasing a toilet safety frame:

  • Height: When purchasing a toilet safety frame aid, the height of the user needs to be taken into consideration. For the safety and comfort of the aid to be maintained, the armrests must be at a comfortable height for the user to rest their arms. If the aid is positioned too low, or too high, it won’t be able to adequately keep the user safe.
  • Comfort: Comfort is an important aspect of safety. Height does impact this, however, the padded armrests on our range make the aid comfortable for periods of extended use.
  • Features: Added functionality may be important to a user. While the primary use of a toilet safety frame is to ensure the user is safe, comfortable and secure while using the bathroom, however, inclusions such as a magazine rack can be extremely helpful in integrating the aid into the bathroom environment.
  • Weight: Weight restrictions can be an important thing to consider when purchasing a toilet safety frame or rail, as the user will often have to put their entire weight onto the rail to push themselves up. Users should test the aid or check the weight restriction in order to ensure their safety before purchase. 
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