Grab Rails also known as Grab Bars and disability rails are one of the most commonly used disability aids. They can be used in the toileting area to assist an elderly or disabled user with getting on and off a toilet seat or in the showering and bathing area where the risk of slips and falls is significantly more.

Grab rails allow people with disabilities and elderly individuals to maintain safety, comfort, Independence and most importantly their self-esteem while using the bathroom. 

The evekare range of grab rails is the largest and most extensive you’ll find in the world including our flagship product, our patent-pending LED night light grab rails. We also offer our core range of concealed flange stainless steel grab rails, available in 9 finishes and 5 different lengths, ranging from 200mm to 900mm to suit every customer and their individual needs and lifestyle. 

In addition to these, we also have ABS plastic , modular, suction, and accessory grab rails. With so many options available, you can be sure that you’ll find an evekare grab rail to suit your needs. They can be used both in the showering/bathing and or toileting area.

If the user is looking for more support than a grab rail can provide, please see evekare’s range of toilet support arms or toilet frames.


Grab rail options in the evekare range include:

  • Straight Grab Rails: The most common grab rail that comes in a variety of lengths, thickness or diameter, weight-bearing capacity and finishes.
  • Angled Grab Rails: evekare currently manufactures angled grab rails that come at an angle of 45 degrees and 90 degrees. 
  • LED Grab Rails: A patent-pending technology of evekare, these come fitted with LED lights that are sound-activated. Come in a variety of lengths and finishes.
  • Dual Functionality Grab Rails: These come fitted with a toilet roll holder, corner shelf and a towel holder for added functionality. 
  • Modular Grab Rails: These can be combined together in order to form different shapes of grab rails in order to suit the user’s needs.


When to consider purchasing grab rails? 

  • If the user feels unstable on their feet especially when standing for elongated periods of time.
  • If the user has difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet seat.An elderly user who is prone to slips and falls especially in wet areas.
  • If the user experiences shortness of breath, dizziness, has had a recent medical episode such as a stroke or a heart attack.


Key considerations for purchasing different types of grab rails:

  • Dimensions: In order to get started you will need the dimensions of the wall where the grab rail has to be installed. Then you will also need to consider the length of the grab rail which varies from 200 mm to 900 mm. Another consideration is the diameter of the grab rail. It is important that a user can get a secure grip on the grab rail to reduce the risk of a slip and fall. The standard diameter of grab rails in 32mm with other diameters also available. 
  • The needs of the user and the location of installation: What kind of support will the user need and the weight of the user are the most important considerations. Grab rails have different levels of weight-bearing capacity therefore it is important to know the user’s weight prior to purchasing the grab rail.  Is the grab rail going to be used in the toilet area or will it be used in the bathing or showering area? It is important that you know the answers to the above questions before you narrow down on a specific grab rail. 
  • The construction material of the wall: The wall where the grab rail needs to be installed should be either made of concrete or gyprock with the presence of wooden studs in order to ensure that the it is securely installed. 
  • Installation: If the grab rail is made of metal and is being used in a wet area then it is important that a qualified tradesperson undertakes the installation as it is essential for earthing to be undertaken during the installation.
  • Safety and Comfort: Since grab rails come in a range of dimensions, finishes and diameters it is important that a user tries it prior to purchasing one.

All evekare grab rails meet or exceed national regulations, and are backed by a warranty of up to 15 years.

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